Want to use my music in your guided meditations or other media? Please use the contact form below or email jordanjessep@live.com. If you would prefer not to contact Jordan directly, you can purchase a license through AudioJungle.com here immediately instead (Note: when you buy Jordan's music through AudioJungle, the majority of the sale revenue goes to the website instead of the artist).

FAQ and General Info

How does the licensing process work?

After you decide how you would like to use the music, you can send Jordan an email using the form provided. He will try to reply within 24 hours with an answer to your query, and will provide assistance. With the information you provide he will provide a quote for the license fee. From here you can fill out a pre-written license agreement (these will be provided at the bottom of this page) with your name, a list of tracks and usage type and provide a signature. Then Jordan will sign the document and send you an invoice as well as the files (music tracks, PDF of license agreement).

Do you have any testimonials?

A testimonial page will be available on this website within the coming week.

How much is a license fee?

Prices vary depending on the type of and extent of usage. A price estimation PDF is available at the bottom of this page. 

Youtube videos/Social media: 10 AUD -  80AUD per typical 10 minute long track depending on expected viewership.
Guided meditations for business use or resale: 20 AUD - 200 AUD per typical 10 minute long track depending on volume of expected sales.
Compilation album (no audio additions): 40 AUD -  500 AUD per typical 10 minute long track depending on volume of expected sales. 
Custom/Other: Send Jordan details with a description of how you wish to use the music and it's expected reach, and he will provide a quote.

Where can I read the detailed terms of use?

The documents aren't ready for this page yet, but when they are, Jordan will be placing them at the bottom of this page for you to download.

Who answers the emails?

 Jordan personally replies to all emails, usually within 24 hours. If you haven't heard back from Jordan within 48 hours please resend your email.

Where can I add my own testimonial?

Once the testimonial page is live, there will be an option at the bottom of that page that will allow you to submit your own testimonial.

License Documents