Jordan Jessep

Jordan Jessep is an Australian composer and music producer who specialises in creating relaxing and meditative music in a contemporary classical but new age style. Jordan offers a unique perspective into both genres due to his improvisational focus and his predominantly self-taught expressive techniques. Jordan's music is recognisable by its sense of flow; his chords and notes fade into each other with slowly evolving dynamic shifts and revelations. Unlike most modern music which is fast and rigid in tempo, Jordan's music has a slower feel and alters the flow of time on a note by note basis.

Jordan released his first meditation album Ambient Worlds when he was 19 and had just begun writing music for online royalty free websites. Since then he has released three more meditation albums in the same style. He constantly receives emails from people who thank him for creating music that has comforted them during difficult times. Due to this he strives to continue to create pieces that will help others in their daily lives. Jordan is currently working on his fifth meditation album that he plans to release by the end of 2019. In addition he is currently working on three new albums of different styles including a fantasy album, piano solo album and an album featuring piano and solo strings. To be notified when Jordan releases his new albums please subscribe to the mailing list here on the home page.